The Responsibility to be Free

Community can also be called “common unity”. We can only get to that place by finding ourselves. Looking for answers to problems in our world ultimately leads to finding answers within ourselves. When you change your heart and start applying it to the world around you, that world is forever changed, however big or small the effort (be the change…ghandi). Each of us has a sphere of influence that can be effected. When you focus your energy on yourself you will find people and circumstances around you will change in a seemingly automatic way. It can, at that point, be said to have raised the consciousness of your surroundings and of humanity itself. If this seems a little heavy to understand, don’t worry, many others get it and will change the world for the better. Those are the ones around you that seem to be calm, in control, and welcome change.

People at their very core are attracted to positive energy (thoughts, feelings, actions) so when you begin to work towards that, you will attract positive circumstances and people. While simultaneously shining light on the negative experiences ,situations, and people in your life. This can be a painful experience for some to learn to walk away from those negative things and no longer give them your energy (wasting it).

The world is a reflection of ourselves. What is unique to you is your perspective of reality. No one else has that. No one can be better than you can. Since that is a fact, why would you not consider yourself to be anything less than perfect at being you. Your life is your art, create an original masterpiece for all to enjoy.

There is no better time than now to follow your passions and take risks to do so. Use your unique talents and abilities to better humanity. Do you truly know what it means to live without fear. I question if many do. We do not have the right to be free, we have the responsibility to be free.

People of character do the right thing, not because they think it will change the world, but; because they refuse to be changed by the world” -Michael Josephson



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