Change = (Focus + Effort) x Your Energy


When it comes to putting your energy towards solutions to problems that we as humanity face, there is a logical approach to the equation. This is not an absolute, but will provide a frame-work. The first idea to acknowledge is that we currently find ourselves in a time of not only endless amounts of readily available information but also accelerating changes in society and the world. This historical pairing of both phenomenons has spawned a generation of people worldwide that are awake, watching, and participating like never before. Those who are thrown into this can suffer from “analysis paralysis” in which one is overwhelmed by the information volume and/or it’s perceived negativity. This is exacerbated by the attempt of a dying corporate media to present a limited spectrum of information to keep the conversation narrow and fear based. Always remember, fear makes you reactive instead of proactive.

Due to many factors, people find themselves in different stages of awakening to reality. While going through the stages of awakening, people can feel lost, isolated, and alone. But to the contrary, the numbers of people with general awareness are growing by the day. I would argue that there are more people siding with faith in humanity, goodness, and individuality. The issue seems to be that the public conversation isn’t about things of substance rather it usually leans towards things of little or no importance (sports, celebrity, scandals). Chris Duane has done much work on the five stages of awakening, they are:

  • Denial: you can spot this stage immediately (these people usually use the terms conspiracy theory instead of looking at facts)
  • Anger: you become hurt or disillusioned that you were fooled
  • Bargaining: it can’t be that bad, maybe if I just stay quiet, keep to myself , or give in it won’t affect me
  • Depression: it’s too big, how can I change it (usually trapped in fear based thinking)
  • Acceptance: it is at this stage you are faced with a choice to act or not act
  • Action (editor’s addition)

By knowing what stage an individual is in, you will know how to better spend your energy associating with them. If they are in denial, they will not be receptive to hearing about the negative health effects of GMO food or how the FDA is a corporate arm of the industrialized food companies used to fast track dangerous foods and drugs to market for increased profit. One should rather look at their “personal energy equation” with a triage mindset. This means that, you only have a certain amount of energy, it should be used to do the most good for the most amount of people (or focusing it all on the betterment of yourself). Rather than spending all your energy on someone who doesn’t see/refuses to confront what you are laying out before them, spend it on many others that already get it but are stuck in one of the other stages that you can help them through using less energy.

Now that you are ready to take action here are some angles to recognize and avoid. Since the beginning of time people have romanticized about stories of lone heroes/heroines who single-handedly defeat the bad guys. Hollywood has latched on and further supercharged this idea creating in people a “me against the world” mindset when changes needs to happen. This is false. A person can only go so far on their own and can rarely be as potent alone compared to those that gather together and help each other.

The next idea is to get behind no one, be your own leader and think for yourself. Live from your heart and what feels right in your gut, period. Compromise has no place in a conscious individual’s life. Many times leaders will gain a following because people like some of their ideas or simply they are the less evil of the two choices. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. With that being a fact, it is unacceptable for any “leader” to not go all the way and be a champion for a free, individual humanity free of tyrannical government and corporate monopolies. The use of a “leader” to rally people is also a way to divide people into a “this or that” mentality when there usually are many other ways to look at a topic. This pigeon holes the thinking into a narrow spectrum that is reinforced by corporate media and you find yourself divided and conquered. “We the People” give our leaders and government its money, power, and authority to better society. They have abused this privileged and betrayed our trust. They all have been put on notice as of this writing:

We the people hereby mandate that you, our pubic trustees perform the following action: 1.) prosecute those who would take us to war under false pretexts in front of an international war crimes tribunal 2.) Shut down and prosecute those corporations and individuals who poison our food, water, and air 3.) Impeach or remove those who refuse to follow the Constitution & Bill of Rights that they have sworn an oath to 4.) prosecute those who have aided any of the above in achieving their crimes against humanity. You have 30 days to comply. Should you fail to comply you have advocated your right to govern and you will be replaced by a new group of public trustees who will carry out the will of the people. This is our will.

In closing, every problem we are faced with is a opportunity for us to come together and fix it. In the process we better ourselves while simultaneously bettering humanity. Vote with your dollars, set an example with your life.


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