Will we be the Generation That Stops War?

I would be naïve to think that a humble article by an unknown writer could affect the outlook of war around the world. I was born knowing only war. I will be one of many telling my children that I was not silent when they asked what I was doing when this generation finally ended it.

Humanity is in bad shape. We are in need of a revolution of though and consciousness. Have you drawn your line in the sand yet? Has it been crossed? Are you defending it? How much are YOU going to take. Have you even thought about that question yet? If not, it is time. We have been on the wrong course for much too long. This generation has the gift of mass communication like never before. Each person, if they so choose, can touch/change as many hearts and minds as Gandhi or shift paradigms like Martin Luther King Jr. All from the comfort of their own home. Each person can make their mark on society in a positive way with very little effort. Million man march you say….hunger strike….nah just throw up a you tube video or pod cast on an issue you are passionate about, simple as that. In addition, we are free to make our own opinions and find our own information. No longer do we need to rely on a corporate controlled media outlet with financial ties to war profiteers to make our decisions on how we should feel about another race of people (or any issue for that matter). We are becoming conscious like never before in recent history. The realization has hit that we are not dropping bombs on enemies, rather it is our brothers and sisters who are dying. What if it was your family?

During World War II patriotic fever was in full swing. Women went to work in the factories to keep the war machine marching forward while their men were in service. Families rationed food so their solders would have enough oversees. All their energy and good intentions towards their fellow country men and women led to an estimated 60 million people dead in the war to end all wars. An example of unconsciousness humanity pulling together to support war. An example of the dangers of a failed concept called patriotism. In its name, extreme division can be accomplished, violence conducted, and humanity divided.

Unlike those great generations past, the new wars of our time are nothing like they were back then. They are much more deadly and devastating to humanity. There are many wars happening right now just outside people’s perception. This is the way the perpetrators and war profiteers like it. As I write this, the large banking institutions (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, et. al.) are conducting a financial war and holocaust in Greece. Only, to avoid press, they call it “austerity”. The banks have systematically collapsed Greece’s economy as they have in Ireland and soon other countries. The equation is painfully simple. Loans are made that are impossible to pay back. The people are signed on as collateral. The inevitable default brings the country under complete control of its lenders. Not a shot is fired nor life lost in the struggle as the country falls. The banks then force austerity on its people and strip the countries assets ensuring no more future growth. They are now on the plantation. The culture has been decimated, the generation lost.

The man in the White House who calls himself president no longer declares traditional war, rather more politically correct words like “kinetic actions” or “regime change” are used. Don’t be fooled, we are not bringing freedom to anybody, we are the foreign invaders, the tyrants, the bad guys. The munitions used in these invaded countries contain depleted uranium (DU). Under the Nuremberg code, Principle IV, subsection b &c, our “leaders” and by extension, the US, is guilty of committing war crimes by employing such weapons and has been on record doing so since the first Gulf War. DU contaminates the air, water, and soil for 4.5 billion years (its half-life) causing infertility, alarming high rate of birth defects, and serious cancer. Our troops have received the same effects from being on those battle fields. This was common knowledge available and known before it was employed.

War must stop and not be continued to progress into the future. Nobel Piece Price winner, what a joke!Whatever the supposed reason our “leaders” want to sign us on to future wars, I withdraw my consent. No longer in my name will war be waged. I support the safety of our troops but do not agree with the wars they fight or the lies that brought them there. In this turbulent future ahead of us, continued war is defiantly on the table. There is no greater act than to not support war. Once this idea takes hold, do not release it as long as you live. Future generations will judge us by what we allowed to take place in our society.

“The pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service.”
-Albert Einstein

Body of War documentary


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