What a Real Environmentalist Looks Like

The thought of “saving the earth” is a noble one. The idea itself begs the question, “can we save or change anything that is not within us?” And further, if we are one with the earth (American Indian philosophy) we should work to change ourselves, which will in-turn effect the earth. Time will tell what approach is taken by humanity and if it was the correct one.

Currently there is a push towards stopping “climate change”. It used to be called “global warming” but when the “warming” didn’t happen, the people selling the idea needed a new buzz word to keep the fear in place. I will not attempt to go head to head with the hard-line greenies out there. But I will challenge those who have signed on to climate change and those who have not alike by posing this question, “where is your energy being directed?” Have you ever noticed that most, if not all, mainstream ideas, media, and issues are only divided into two choices? You only get republican or democrat, black vs. white, this team or that team, and on and on. Surely such a scientific and technologically advanced society such as ours would be able to conjure up more than two choices for the issues of our day. Is it because, like a mouse in a maze, are minds, creativity, and energy are being funneled down to a predetermined outcome?

Lets take a look at the “climate change” theory . The earth is dying from too much carbon dioxide (which we exhale and plants breath). Due to this, I am to pay carbon taxes (that Russia, India, and China are exempt from), have the power plants shut down in my area (which has led to skyrocketing energy bills in places in implemented areas), feel guilty for breathing because I am giving off carbon dioxide which is killing the earth (read: depopulation), and overall downsize my life. Meanwhile, the people telling me these things have private jets, buses, trains, and own multiple homes that use criminal amounts of energy. Sounds like the old-fashioned story of “the few trying to control the many” wrapped in a marketable, shiny new green package. I believe in saving the earth/humanity, I don’t believe in how they want us to go about it. In fact, I not sure they care at all about humanity. Exhibit A: the earth

Let’s put those facts aside for a second and get to the main point of the article. Bottom line, there are things affecting this earth that are magnitudes more damaging to it (and us) than air we exhale. But for some reason, these are not talking points. They didn’t make the “either, or” cut on the news last night, I keep checking. Does anyone preaching the green religion care that genetically modified foods are invading the natural foods supply and changing it forever (negatively). GMO’s are released into the wild, take over, and spread. In fact, Monsanto has been caught numerous times, in numerous countries letting loose their seeds in order to contaminate farmers fields. Then Monsanto will proceed to sue said farmer because they have seed that is patented and not paid for resulting in patent infringement…..true stories. Genetically modified salmon that are bigger and stronger will out breed the “normal” salmon and extinct them within 40 generations according to the National Academy of Sciences. GM mosquitoes being released in Florida have unknown effects on humans they inoculate or in the greater biosphere in general. My point is that this issue is far more of a concern to humanity at this juncture than a coal power plant or a carbon credit.

The final issue that gives me a big question mark is nuclear power. I never hear the trendy environmentalist want to put an end to it. The facts are, that this has the greatest chance of ending life on this planet. Reactor meltdowns in Fukushima last year have decimated the health of the residents throughout Japan. Currently, there stands a chance that another earthquake will completely destroy reactor 4’s fuel pool housing spent fuel rods. If this happens, Japan will become uninhabitable. But again, not a word. Concern is also absent that many US reactors are built on major fault lines, like Japan’s. This to me should be front and center due to the earthquake up-tick around the globe over the past few years. Such reactors will not withstand large magnitude earthquakes and have a high potential of meltdown.

To recap highlights:

  • If you love this planet, think about the real risks and put your energy and effort into raising awareness and opposing GMO’s and nuclear power high on the list
  • If we make it though those issues, then we can work towards ending the others

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