Answers for the Rest


Although I have made it clear in my previous writings that I believe the system cannot be changed from within, there are many who still are putting their energy behind such a system. This is not for me to judge as right or wrong. The important point I see is that individuals are standing up, claiming their individual power, and wielding it.

No one made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little”
-Edmond Burke

This wielding of power has been met by an ever more creeping crackdown on the population through increased surveillance, multiple attempts at internet censorship, and attempts to disarm the population. A corrupt system can only work in the shadows for so long before it needs to expose itself to complete its work. This is the point we have arrived at. Even the hard of thinking are coming around to the idea that something is in the air. Like a constricting snake slowly surrounding its prey as to not disturb its calm sense of normalcy and inaction. It is of the utmost importance to take inventory in those like-minded people among your family, friends, or community. Strengthen those ties, disseminate information, and get your house in order. Use the internet while it is still “free” to be a constant learner. It is better to be a year early than a minute late. Don’t let fear make you reactive instead of proactive. Things such as establishing a barter network of services and/or goods is never a bad idea. Along the same token, a water filter and some extra food won’t hurt either.

For those who still believe in this system allow me to point you to the work of Webster Griffin Tarpley ( and his United Front Against austerity program. I believe that not only is he a political genius of our time but he has created a beautiful answer to the systems fiscal cliff/austerity debacle. The United Front Against Austerity has eleven commonsense pillars to stand behind that cut across race, political lines, religion ideals, and nationality. They are as follows:

  1. 1% Wall Street Sales Tax on all transactions
  2. No Cuts
  3. Student Loan Amnesty
  4. Stop All foreclosures
  5. Medicare For All
  6. Jobless Benefits for the 99’ers
  7. 10% National Usury Law
  8. Restore Food Stamp Benefits
  9. Minimum Living Wages ($11.00/hr)
  10. Seize & Nationalize the Federal Reserve
  11. 0% Federal Credit for Production

These ideas are all expanded on in rational and coherent ways at his site under the UFAA icon. In a perfect world, if these areas were addressed immediately, American’s financial, employment, and poverty issues would be on their way to being solved. unfortunately, the mainstream, dying media has given their ideas no coverage to speak of. The typical left/right paradigm to control the opposition of an argument by giving only two possible solutions of hundreds available in which they come out on top regardless of which one is settled upon is at play. Like any idea or solution, it is up to the few to blaze the trail for the many to pour in behind. Time will tell which trail will lead us out of the wilderness and into the open field where we can remember what it feels like to have the sun upon our face once again.

“People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction. Anyone who insists on remaining in a state of innocence long after innocence is dead turns himself into a monster”-James Baldwin


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