A Century of Healthcare Redefined


As of this writing, there is much evil known and still yet unknown about Obamacare otherwise known as the Health Care Affordibilty Act. Why is it that the worse a bill is for our individual rights and freedoms, the more hypocrisy is put into naming it? Have we become such a superficial people that we care only of a name or logo of a bill or idea rather than it’s clearly stated purpose lurking just under the neatly polished veneer? Off the laundry list of illegal, unconstitutional, and simply criminal orders contained in this bill, one of the most damaging can be found on Pg 30, Sec 123. It states that there will be a government committee that decides what treatments you are allowed and what your overall benefits are. This is called managed care. And since the insurance companies in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry wrote this bill, you can bet that those “allowed treatments” have very little to do with your health and everything to do with keeping you in the system to extort your wealth. This is easily accomplished by ignoring common sense cures/solutions and turning to “managing” your illness for as long as possible. Take it from Chris Rock, he saw through the entire charade years ago. In a socialistic society, or rather a society that corporations collude with government for total control over you life, this section will play out in a devastating fashion is allowed. Since we are a “global community” now according to “officials” the treatment you receive will be weighed against your age and what kind of producer you are for society. Too old for a lifesaving procedure? Take these pain meds to manage the symptoms instead. Unemployed, you get only the basics if you are lucky enough to get in to see a doctor. For the skeptics that think Obamacare is a positive thing, it is putting our society on a slippery slope to the idea that the individual is only important if “officials” or rather the “government committee” decide that your provide some benefit to society. Eventually if the social planners have their way, an individual will not be born unless there is a purpose for you.

At the same time of this dark cloud ascending upon American health care, we are in the middle of the greatest awakening in human history. This has provided the people with unlimited resources to learn about their body like never before. To become your own doctor if you will. This interconnectedness also serves to allow people around the world to communicate what cures and preventions that are “outside the system” work. Providing a positive, unstoppable loop of lifesaving info that continually raises to the top for all to utilize. No government campaign will ever stop people from helping their fellow community.  Quality information is free and waiting for you to apply it and empower yourself. We do not need this medical system that is being set up. It seems your best option is to stay away from it unless completely necessary.

“In the age of information, ignorance is a choice”


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