Ruled by Experts


Have you ever read an article that stated a fact, new scientific find, or new popular opinion that was followed up by the works “according to experts” or “according to officials? Have you ever asked yourself, “who are these experts” or “what makes them official”? More importantly, why do I need to take their advice and assume their views are the ones I should be following. Our sub-conscience, upon reading data that we perceive as coming from someone who is more knowledgable such as our experts and officials, decodes that into our personal reality, belief system, and thinking process. Those ideas read by a trusting, believing person have the power to shape reality, individually and collectively. Marketing companies have known this for more than 100 years. Edward Bernays is considered the father of modern propaganda and pioneered many of the early campaigns. Here’s an example of an expert shaping reality: smoking_01Believe it or not, there was a time when cigarettes were considered healthy. Once an idea or direction is decided upon, it is never given up on. Even when public opinion and common sense seem to have the upper hand, for reasons more numerous than can be stated here, the ones pushing this falsehood take their lie, propaganda campaign, or outright con to the bitter end:

The only thing you have is your own mind. In a time when most expect the media and people perceived to be more knowledgable to do their thinking for them, you mind and hence your thoughts should be your most jealously guarded possession.

“Ignorance is no longer an excuse for criminal  irresponsibility”


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