Vaccine Ingredients: Too Dangerous to Mail But OK to Inject Says Post Office


If you can’t think for yourself, don’t follow anyone else till you can”
-Alan Watt

We each have been given a mind to form our own thoughts and opinions. This free thinking mind is the target of much disinformation, lies, and spin in this world. Governments and their propaganda media/advertisement arms have always made it their number one priority to give only limited information forcing one to come to an either or conclusion. In politics, this is called the “left-right paradigm”. But this is a rigged game because you see, the ones controlling the information feed into your mind own both sides and have prepared for both outcomes accordingly. You are off to a bad start if you bet on that game because both teams are bought and paid for.

This can be seen in the case of vaccinating populations of people. Instead of believing “officials” and “experts”, or worse yet, surcomming to marketing hype, one need only to use reason, judgement, and common sense to see through this thinly veiled attack on free humanity. If you were to read the ingredients in a vaccine (you actually can’t get access to the inserts given in each shot because too many people were asking for them, finding out this garbage was actually in them, and refusing the shot) you would see that it includes a slew of toxic, harmful chemicals and other goodies. Now if we apply common sense to this for just a second, many of these chemicals ALONE are on the “hazardous to humans” list. Does it makes sense to mix them together and inject them into you? In fact, I was at the post office today and saw a sign on the wall reading “Make sure your package doesn’t include any of these hazardous materials”. Among them was a thermometer…..because of the small amount of mercury in it. Here is the admission from the USPS. On the USPS website, mercury is listed in as a “Corrosive (Hazardous Class 8) being defined as “A corrosive is any liquid or solid that causes visible destruction or irreversible alteration in human skin tissue at the site of contact. Now obviously we don’t need that confirmation from the post office since we have a video of mercury actually degenerating brain nerve tissue as well as the EPA’s own admission. Good enough for your body but too dangerous to ship in a package. If you are paying attention, these inconsistencies are all around us, in nearly every aspect of the “controlled” reality pushed by modern media and governments.

Since vaccines are being discussed, there is one more issue that is a deal breaker for those pushing them onto the public. As it goes in anatomy 101, you body has many levels of protection for ingested toxins. If you eat a toxin (aluminium hydroxide, thimersol, formaldehyde etc.) It is filtered and weakened by the stomach, kidneys, liver, and intestines before being allowed only limited access to the blood stream where it will cause the most damage systemically upon entering. When a person receives a shot directly into the bloodstream, all those safety mechanisms are being passed over and the toxic chemicals get a one way ticket to the brain and organs. And many of the chemicals in vaccines cross the blood brain barrier (the last resort if something harmful happens to get into the bloodstream it will be denied access to the brain via that barrier). You simply can’t argue away, spin, propagandize, or demonize truth.

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”
― Winston Churchill


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